Light Bulb Coffee is a specialty coffee micro roastery and mobile coffee van serving the people of Swindon and events around the country.
In 2018 Light Bulb Coffee was created. Hi, I'm Donovan Rosema. I care about engaging with people and sharing great coffee. My knowledge, passion and experience in making coffee mean that every cup I make is done with care and attention to quality.
Espresso Machine with light bulbs in a van
I try to avoid fossil fuels...
- The espresso machine and all the equipment is powered by batteries, not gas - most coffee vans use dual fuel espresso machines which get most of their power from a gas boiler. The van itself is a diesel Fiat Ducato, but ultimately having an electric powered custom built van is the end goal.
- The coffee roasting machine is the Aillio Bullet. It's electric and uses induction technology to heat the drum directly.
Aillio Bullet. 1kg coffee roastery
Here are some of the advantages of induction:
- Induction eliminates energy waste, transforming the Bullet into one of the world’s greenest roasters.
- Induction drastically increases the responsiveness of the machine, lending it a feel more akin to gas roasters than traditional electric roasters, as any mid-roast adjustments to the power level are instantaneous.
- Induction allows us to pack an incredible amount of heat into the Bullet, reducing its footprint without sacrificing its power, so that I can roast 1kg batches of coffee just about anywhere, with none of the setup headaches associated with gas roasters (almost all coffee roasters use gas powered roasting machines).
I try to recycle and reduce packaging where possible. Currently using Ecocup for our cups, lids, etc.